Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Obligatory First Post

Greetings... Brad from prepress here. Welcome to our first blog post. After years of contemplating a blog, we finally decided to hop on the blog-wagon, and start one of our own..

We have a lot of great things on tap here at Imprint, and we were so excited about them, we decided to finally get this thing going!

Unfortunately we're not announcing these things just yet... You'll just have to wait a bit longer... ;-)

For now, you get to know that I'm working on updating our templates (no small feat)... So, if that isn't exciting news, I'm not sure what is...

Oh yeah, here's a photo of the geeks at Imprint taken recently for Verbicide Magazine.

From left: Walter, Brad, Brett, Bryan, and Brandon. (notice all the names that start with "Br")