Friday, April 17, 2009

Twitter... Yes, Twitter.

So, Imprint is on Twitter... You can follow us, if you so desire:
You will find a wealth of useful information posted there... really.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Up and running...

The new press is in place, and running like a champ. Print is looking better than ever, and coming off fast and steady. Big love to Hamada-guru Dave, for all his zen-like guidance and direction. As the backlog of orders comes off, and new orders take their place, we're excited about 2009 and all the goodness it hopes to bring.

Another new piece of equipment is on a truck, and heading towards Imprint HQ.... more information on that, as we near its arrival.

In other news, Bob Mould, of Hüsker Dü fame, has a new record out... I've been listening to it, and trying to get a feel for it. Bob is great, saw him play a few years ago here in Sarasota. Also looking ever so forward to the new Sonic Youth record, gonna be doing the Buy Early Get Now deal through Matador Records myself, maybe you should give it a shot?

Hope all is good with you.