Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Imprint is now offering Audio Mastering!!!

Audio mastering is the final, and possibly the most important, phase of your recording. We are happy to now offer in house, affordable mastering to add that little extra your recording needs before being replicated.

Normalizing / Volume Leveling
Normalizing/Volume Leveling is typically for compilations or albums comprising songs from multiple, already mastered, recordings. This will enhance the AVERAGE volume of each song to be closer to each other.
$60 up to 30 minutes of audio ($2 per additional minute)

Dynamic Mastering + Normalizing / Volume Leveling
Dynamic Mastering + Normalizing/Volume Leveling is getting a full master of your recording. This is greatly recommended and adds new ranges, fullness and additional volume to your recording. Ideal for compilations, as well to uniform the sound.
$150 up to 30 minutes of audio ($2 per additional minute)

CD Text
CD Text can be written to a CD so that album notes, engineers, producers, recording studios, and other information will be viewable in cars with CD Text and on computers using programs that support CD text.
$3 per track

Read from DAT, Vinyl or Cassette
We are able to extract your audio from a DAT, vinyl or cassette if need be for purposes of mastering, or simply to give you a CD copy of your work.

These prices include UPS shipping of 2 reference cd's, add $25 for UPS overnight.

Monday, September 10, 2007

War Dog Records in the house...

War Dog Records would like to thank you and everyone involved at Imprint for the excellent job on Global Uprising. Everything looks and sounds great! I will highly recommend your company in the future. Thanks again for all you guys do. Cheers!

War Dog Records