Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Megaupload pretty much blows...

If you're going to use any of the file upload services, do the world a favor, and don't use Magaupload...


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010... the year we make contact...

Soon, very soon... quite soon.... Imprint will be launching a new website. A new website with lots of new features, new design, new options, new offers, new, new, new... Sometimes though, life gets in the way of living, and work gets in the way of working. We've been keeping quite busy working on some really great projects, and putting final touches on the new site, complete with customer login, etc. etc.

All that said, (and since it is 2010) be sure to check out our new 10" jacket offerings. We have a folder option and a pocket option, just like our 7" jackets. They're quite nice, and everyone knows that 10" records are badass. We're also printing 10" center labels now, for your 10" vinyl goodness... Hop to it!

In other news, I picked up a Krooked Zip Zinger late last year, and have been doing a little skating... Good times. What have you been up to lately?